Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Evoke physical activeness in your child

Being physically active and fit is important for complete development of the child. The parents should inculcate the inclination of child towards a physical activity of his choice so that from the beginning the child maintains a good physical health. The involvement in any physical game not only assures fit body but it also leads to mental and social well being.

Electronic exposure like television, mobiles computers and video games have replaced simple things from life like playing in the park, joining any sport or bonding with the friends face to face. This has brought about laziness and lack of vigor in the children. This trend has direct effect on the physical as well as mental health of the young generation. The diseases like obesity, heart problems, depression and diabetes are affecting the youngsters.

Physical activity has vast impact on the health and personality of a child. Firstly a physically active child is healthier than his counterparts and stays away from hazardous diseases. Secondly, when these healthy kids grow up, they are more likely to lead a healthy and happy long life with few chances of diseases.

Moreover, a physical activity boosts the self confidence of a child, increases attentiveness in the child and instills the team spirit values. These children are capable of acquiring better social skills and also perform better in other spheres of life.

As a parent it is our duty to motivate the child to involve in some physical activity. By setting up our own example as active and fit people, we can inspire the child to follow the same.

Give up your sedentary lifestyle and join any physical activity like daily walk, cycling or any other which you enjoy. Encourage group physical activity in which the child would happily join.
As per the age of the child, play any game with your child on daily basis. Like playing on swings and running around are enough for a two year old. For seven years and above, it is crucial to make them join some more energetic sport like football, cricket or badminton.

Limit television viewing and set aside a fixed time for physical activity for the child in daily routine.
Give your child the freedom to choose any activity whichever he likes.

Appreciate your child for being physically active and fit.
Inspire your child to opt for walking and cycling instead of using transport. Likewise use stairs instead of lifts. That would build up the stamina and keep lethargy at bay.

Gift them sport items like football or a racquet instead of gadgets.

Being physically active has lifelong positive effects on a person. Introduce this good habit early in your child for healthy future.

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