Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shrink greedy attitude in child

Kids of this generation are much more materialistic and greedy than ever before. They put themselves and their wants over and above everything. All their minds can think of the ways in which they can get access to latest luxuries, gadgets and things of their interest which may not be a necessity for them. More and more kids nowadays focus on themselves and their demands. They are least concerned about the requirements and feelings of other family members and people around them.

This kind of greedy attitude if continues erases the space for feelings and empathy for others. Plus they will not able to put a line on where to stop and get hold on their temptations. The uncontrolled temptations and greed on the whole make the child become unappreciative of numeral gifts and facilities of life and whine about the things to be possessed.

And for that children cannot be blamed. Most of the times, parents are responsible for greedy nature of the children. The latter are flooded with gifts, games and gadgets. These material things are often attached with happiness and as substitute of precious quality time of parents. The underlying message thus is materialism scores over human relationships.

Besides, there are other reasons for growing greediness in kids like rise in consumerism. Advertisers see kids as targets and revolve their marketing strategy around them. These soft targets are the prime reason of purchases of not just kids stuff but also electronics, gadgets and many non essential items. The peer pressure adds on to this greedy habit.

Parent intervention is crucial to control the greedy nature of the child. There can be various ways to make child give up greediness and become judicious in temperament:

Avoid bribing the child to motivate them.

Do not shower them with unnecessary gifts and things that they really don't need.

Ask your kid to add his latest demand to his list which can be given on his birthday or some special occasion. This helps in delaying and controlling their temptations.

Educate your child about the tactics of advertisers to trap young kids and prompt them to buy. Help your young consumer to find out the best product which meets his requirement.

Teach your child to read labels of products and the value they provide.

Sharing is important aspect of a family. Ask your child to share toys with siblings and friends.

Inspire your children to reuse and recycle things into useful items of daily use.

Teach the importance of money to children.

Encourage the child to donate things to needy people. This will evoke sympathy and affection in child for fellow humans.

Spend quality time with kids and avoid using gadgets as replacement. This will make child value the relationships.

Last but not the least, review yourself. If you have a materialistic attitude then your children are likely to follow you and become greedy as well.

Appreciate the good aspects of life and facilities that have been endowed upon your family. Make your child aware of these things so that they grow as humble and sensible citizens of the world.

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