Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer safety tips for kids

The scorching sunrays are harmful for your tiny tots. The kids are likely to suffer dehydration and exhaustion in summer. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard the kids from the heat and harmful sunrays.

Often, kids refuse to stay indoors. They insist on playing outdoor games and this negligence can prove to be detrimental for their health. Even if they stay indoors, the kids can still feel the brunt of the burning sun.

Thus, what can the parents do to counter the damaging effects of the sun? Well, the parents can follow these simple summer safety tips to protect their darlings from the summer heat.

• Persuade the kids to drink plenty of water and liquids. Prepare homemade squashes, shakes and fruit juices in different flavors. Children will just love to have them. Healthy eating for kids is important which contains essential nutrients and also tastes delicious to satisfy the taste buds of kids.

• Remember to carry water bottle in your bag while going out in sun. Intake of water at regular intervals is important for kids to safeguard them from dehydration.

• Juicy fruits and salads provide the necessary nutrients and help in fighting the heat. Kids who take at least two servings of fresh fruits are likely to stay fit in summers.

• Apply sunscreen liberally on kids so that their skin is safe from the ultra violet rays of the sun when they are outside.

• Use of sunscreen is important even when the kids are going for swim. Reapply the sunscreen every 2-3 hours to protect the skin of kids in summer.

• Sunglasses, caps and hats are mandatory for kids to keep their eyes and skin safe from direct sunlight.

Umbrellas are essential too. Keep the kids in shade as much as possible during summer months.

• Loose fitted clothing helps the body to breathe and minimize sweating.

• Bathing helps in lowering the body temperature.

• Use anti bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers regularly.Encourage kids to develop cleanliness habit on daily basis.

• It is better to stay indoors between 11a.m. to 4p.m., as sun rays are harsh during this period.

• In case, the kids suffer from sunburns, use home remedies to minimize the problem.

These safety tips are must for kids in summer. During summer vacation, the kids are likely to stay outdoors and the above summer safety steps become all the more important to implement.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Travelling with kids

The moment the vacations begin, first thing that comes to the mind of children is of travelling. Both parents and kids look forward to a nice trip in vacations to a new place. The purpose is to get a break from the daily routine and to have many fun moments together.

Absolutely, every family should go out for a trip at least once a year. This is the time when kids can enjoy with their parents and other family members. Moreover, they discover a new place that makes the trip even more exciting. However, it requires sincere research and effort on part of the parents to make the family trip successful and without any disappointments.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer jobs for kids

Summer vacation is the time to relax and have fun. However, not all kids are amused with having fun all the time. Some kids want to learn and gain experience. Yet some others want exposure to the world unknown to them and earn some good pocket money as well in the process.

Even parents want their kids to do some serious jobs and become responsible during their vacation. They encourage their kids to take up some responsibility and carry it out sincerely. There is a multitude of benefits for encouraging kids and teens to go for summer jobs.

Summer job is a good utilization of time and energy of kids.

It provides necessary real life exposure to kids who are otherwise busy in studies and entertainment.

The kids acquire new skills and learn new things.

The kids learn to sell their services and thereby improve their communication skills.
Each completed task boosts the confidence of the kid.

Kids become more responsible and sincere towards themselves and towards others as well.

Summer job is an easy way to make some money by kids.

Kids learn to value money and use it wisely as well.

In nutshell, the parents should encourage kids to take up some tasks and fulfill them earnestly. In fact, the parents can guide kids about the fine nuances related to the job and prepare kids accordingly. They can give valuable tips on communication and self-marketing.

There is a list of some jobs for kids for summer vacation:

Gardening: kids can help their neighbors in watering the plants and maintain the lawn or garden. It is easy and does not require very long hours of hard work. Just a couple of hours daily can fetch good pocket money.
Pet care: dog walk or feeding the pets is again an enjoyable and easy job for kids. The prime requirement for this job is genuine affection for animals and will to treat them well. Moreover, this is whole lot of fun where kids can play with the pet while taking good care of them.

Gift-wrapping: it is an interesting job involving creativity and little hard work. A kid needs some basic things like wrapping paper, ribbons, tape and scissors. The demand of job may not be regular but it pays to be creative and scrupulous.

Crafts work: if the kid is good at making craft items, wall hangings or doing best out of waste materials, then his or her talent can be paying in the coming summer holidays. He or she needs to display the collection of his or her art and crafts work at his backyard, may be on weekly basis and invite friends and neighbors. He will surely gain popularity and some bucks as well.

Join a departmental store: Growing kids can join some store and offer their assistance in some odd jobs. They may also join some restaurant for gaining exposure in customer care and marketing.

Computer jobs: kids of next generation are smart and active. They can do an array of computer jobs and work from home comfort. It is surely a lucrative and intelligent way to spend summer vacation and earn some quick money.

Tutoring: Teaching is a good summer job option for older kids. The kids can tutor younger kids on different subjects and skills. This will boost their self-esteem and make them more skilled.

These are some of the options for summer jobs. There can be many more ways for kids to earn money in summer vacations depending upon their talent and interest.

NOTE: the nature and extent of jobs of kids are governed by the respective laws of each country and must be followed.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to keep kids busy in vacations

Vacations are the most awaited and cherished time of the year for kids. As soon as the vacations are declared, one can see beaming faces coming out of the school. From that moment, the kids look forward to lots of fun, leisure and relief from studies.

It is a well deserving break for kids. However, the parents are often in a dilemma about what their kids can do in such a long period. The purpose is to make the holidays enjoyable, refreshing and yet educational for kids.

In long vacations, the timetable of the children goes upside down. It used to be early to bed and early to rise. However, in holidays, it becomes late to bed and late they shall rise. Gradually the excitement of kids fades because of idleness and they become troublesome and cranky. The extreme weather makes them stay indoors. In addition, there are limited options of activities and enjoyment at home.

Nevertheless, some homework and planning on part of parents can make things much better. The parents can discuss the interests and likes/ dislikes of children. Then accordingly, they can formulate a timetable that is acceptable to all. The following activities will be interesting for kids during their vacations:

Exercise and sports:

The kids will enjoy exercising, cycling and playing team sports like cricket and football with their friends. That ways their mornings and evenings will not remain idle and they will also follow a healthy daily routine.

School activities:

Schools organize various activities and programs in vacations. These would be of interest for children as they get to enjoy their favorite activities along with their school friends.

Summer camp:

During holidays, various summer camps are conducted for children, which are full of fun and creative as well. Activities like art and craft, handwriting improvement, dance classes, music and cooking are the most sought after. On the other hand, some kids prefer swimming, taekwondo, football, skating and similar activities.

Outdoor camps:

Older kids and teens may go for outdoor camps that include camping on hills, trekking, river rafting and many other such adventurous activities. This gives a different kind of exposure and confidence to kids.

Indoor activities:

At home, the parents can provide interactive workbooks for fun and educational purposes of kids. They can buy storybooks and interesting activity books especially for use in vacations. All these are also available online.

Other options:

Vacations are the time when bonding between the parents and kids can become stronger. Both of them can play board games, enjoy watching kids’ movies together, decorate house with self-made craft items and finish household chores together. Picnics are a great way to get a break. Even better is the idea of a family trip to a new place where everyone can enjoy.

Implement these fun ideas today and enjoy vacations with kids whole-heartedly.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Having fun with kids:))

Parents are too much engrossed in carrying out their responsibilities that they often forget the importance of having fun with their kids. The duties and deadlines are part and parcel of life. But the childhood of the kids is for short period. After that the kids get busier with their studies, friends and other activities. The parents and child interaction time also reduces as the child grows older.

Besides taking care of kids, the parents must learn to have fun with their kids. It will make the childhood memories of the kids special and moreover, the bonding between the two will strengthen.

Having enjoyment time with children refreshes the memories of the parents of their own childhood. The joys and fun of that time can be revived with simple fun activities carried out by parents along with their kids. Having fun helps in numerous ways like:

It reduces the stress levels of parents and helps them enjoy simple things of life.

Fun time brings parents and kids closer and eases tensions between them.

Through fun moments, parents can teach valuable lessons of life in a joyful manner.

Sharing memories and moments with parents makes the childhood a pleasurable experience for kids.

By way of fun time, the parents learn the importance of having fun breaks in between their tight schedules.

Fun time provides the dose of enthusiasm and energy to kids as well as their parents. Therefore, the parents should take out some quality time for kids on regular basis and have lots of fun.

Now what all can be done in short intervals of fun time? Let’s find out here and put these into practice from today itself:
Children like to copy their mothers and wish to help her in kitchen. Why not? Select a simple and funny recipe and let your children participate with you in making it! They would surely enjoy their task and that too without considering it as a task.

Involve yourself in art activities with kids. You don’t have to be an artist. Just join them and start coloring with them and see how their enthusiasm levels shoot up. It may remind you of your childhood as well.

If weather permit, have a picnic in the nearby garden or go for outdoor sports with your kids. You can opt for the game you used to play as a kid and see how your stress vanishes in the air.

Playing dough is a good idea as it helps kids unlock their creativity. Motivate them and join them in making different shapes and figures out of dough. The smile on the face of your kids is more important than anything else.

Read out story to your kids and use a different voice for each character. The kids will definitely enjoy your participation and effort and you will have a million dollar time when you will see big smiling faces of your kids.

Once in a while you can enjoy playing video games with kids. All kids love these games and if you are going to join them then the excitement level will surely soar high.

Gardening is yet another activity which kids may enjoy. While watering plants, you can surprise your kids with splashing some water on them and having some pure fun!

Arrange a play date with a family friend and let the kids play with their age group. Meanwhile adults can also play some game of their choice. It would be even better if both kids and adults play together and enjoy games like tug of war or any ball game.

These intervals of fun time are vital to keep the life interesting and exciting. It is better sometimes not to bother about the mess and indulge in real fun with kids. And do not miss to click those memorable moments with kids!