Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Developing reading skill in toddlers

Reading skill is an important part of child development. It may seem to be an easy job but actually, it requires careful effort to develop the skill in toddlers.

Toddlers like to learn and do new things. Their enthusiasm for new things and skills help them to become better in different tasks. For motivating them to read, the role of parents is inevitable. Similarly, with young kids, the parents have to help in developing reading skills.

There can be various opportunities where parents can encourage the reading habit in toddlers without any stress.

• Read out loudly the labels of their favorite pack of eatables. Show them the pack and tell details about it. This would make the child curious about the written words.
• Encourage story-telling habit. Narrate a story and use some new action words. Repeat the exercise daily so that the child learns and uses new words.
• Reward them with story and picture books. Sit with the child, point out the pictures in the book, and tell their names. It would develop their vocabulary.

• While in bus or in park, show them the various symbols and signs and explain their meanings.

• Read out the big captions written outside a shop or on the street.

• Combine learning with playing. Buy educational toys and games for the children. They are a lot of fun and sharpen skills of the kids.

• Introduce alphabet in a playful manner. The parents can use colorful blocks of alphabet that would capture the attention of toddlers.

An encouraging reading atmosphere and full participation of parents will go a long way in development of reading skill in toddlers.


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  3. great tips! so true and effective. reaping the benefits now with our 5-yr old. even our 2-yr old is getting in on it, claiming she knows how to read. she has memorized her favorite books. :)

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