Monday, August 15, 2011

Importance of freedom of speech for kids

Often kids are considered too small to express their minds on a given situation or issue. They are merely sent to another room or instructed to keep quiet in a discussion. Is such kind of deprivation to speak good for their development? Is freedom of speech necessary right for adults and not for children?

Certainly not.Given them the opportunity to think and take a stand, young minds can definitely produce some great ideas and results.

Compare two sets of kids treated in two different ways. Under one condition, the kids have to follow rules and to abide by the instructions. They are not expected to think and decide but simply follow the path decided by their superiors. In other condition, the kids live in an atmosphere of free speech.They get opportunity to come up with new thinking and ideas. They are encouraged to take their own decisions.

The first set of kids grow as submissive and indecisive lot who wait for approval to take their decisions.On the other hand, the kids with freedom of speech are confident, social and leaders in their own way. They can come up with out-of-the-box ideas and have the guts to handle any situation with optimism.
Therefore, the freedom of speech is an important aspect for every home atmosphere to make kids into independent and confident adults. Encourage and appreciate the views and thoughts of children from today!!


  1. This is the antithesis of the old "Children should be seen and not heard" mentality. I love the thought of confident, social leaders and hope to foster freedom of speech whenever possible in my children.

  2. Thank u Amanda for your comments. All parents should raise their kids with the approach of giving fredom of speech to their kids in order to build a fearless and sensible next generation.