Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Treatment of acne in kids

In kids, the problem of acne is primarily due to hormonal changes. The body of a teenager witnesses many changes from within. This has a reflection on the skin of the growing kid by way of acne. The presence of acne on the skin affects the kid mentally as well.

The problem of acne goes beyond the skin. It adversely affects the self-confidence of a teenager and his or her social life as well. The teenagers are more conscious about their looks and personality. Acne on skin makes them feel vulnerable and ugly. In such situation, the proper guidance on acne can ease the situation. It is actually the motivating role of parents and family that makes the difference.

Moreover, the teenagers and parents may resort to home remedies for acne cure. Some of the remedies are here below:

Rub a tomato slice on the face of the child. Wash the face after 15 minutes. This will remove the dirt and excess oil from the skin and make it clean. Use this remedy daily.

Another remedy for acne cure can be applying mixture of sandalwood powder and rose water on the face until it dries. Then, wash off. The acne prone skin will look more fresh and clean.

The proper use of healing natural oils can also bring the desired results and give relief from acne.

Besides the above home remedies, follow some necessary precautions to keep acne away.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about. Stress in kids can only aggravate the problem and will not contribute to acne cure. With settling of hormones, the acne also disappears.


  1. Apply a much simpler home remedies for kids suffering from acne.

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  2. The skin of kids is very sensitive and therefore requires extra care. Home remedies do not have side effects and over a period of time one can notive the improvement. On the other hand, chemical based products require prior approval of certified doctor and still they may have side effects.So becareful as far as chemical remedies are concerned!!