Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Importance of festivals for kids


It is the time to enjoy and celebrate festivals.Many of us like the festive season and enjoy the rituals attached to them. Some others like the idea of getting holidays because of festivals and they enjoy the break from their daily schedule.Our kids also enjoy the festive season and look forward to break from school and studies.

However, the kids hardly understand the importance of these festivals.Why these festivals are celebrated?

There is a mythological story or a significant history event behind these celebrations. In absence of the awareness in this regard, the enjoyment of these festivals is incomplete.Many times,kids enquire about the historical aspects of the festivals.Making them aware about the past will surely help them to enjoy their present.

Nowadays, many comic books are available which revolve around mythological stories and tell about the reasons for celebration of a particular festival. Reading these history based story books serves many purposes at the same time.It not only helps kids to learn about their history but it also provides them the essential moral values.The moral of the story helps the kids to understand the human values.

Another way to guide about festivals is by way of cartoons.There are available many cartoon films CDs based on the lives of different mythological heroes, which may provide the answers to many questions of the children.The kids would love to watch these cartoon films and get to know about their past.

Awareness about history is an important aspect of education of kids.It helps them to differentiate between wrong and right, good and bad and pros and cons of various things that come up in life.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Natural Disasters and Kids

Kids are highly sensitive to their environment and any severe change affects their psyche deeply. News of hurricane, earthquake, floods, cyclone, landslide, etc makes them anxious and confused. They feel threatened when they hear about mass devastation caused due to a natural calamity.

At such time, several questions pop up in a kid’s mind and if answered timely, he or she can feel secure and prepared for any adverse situation. It is better to have an open discussion on these tough issues and to educate the kid about them. Some kids may ask about the reasons behind these natural calamities while some others may get scared. Still, some others may not bother themselves with such issues.

Awareness about a natural calamity is the first step. This is the best way to calm down the child and satiate his curiosity.

Secondly, reassure the child that natural calamities do not occur often and it is a rare phenomenon. This will help in removing his fears and restore his confidence.

The kids should be educated about the ways they can respond to such calamities. Like, it is better to come out in open in case of earthquake. In addition, a proper guidance in school and at home will help the child to prepare for the worst.

Parents are the best guide. Their own response to a given situation set the benchmark for their kids. Therefore, the coping capacity of kids is directly related to that of parents.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finally I regained my sanity!!

It has been an exhausting week for me as my daughter fell ill and became very irritable. She used to cling to me and would not leave me at all. Even going to bathroom was difficult as she would bang on the door till it was opened. She avoided her favorite foods and ate very less. Her weight reduced.

That made me feel like screaming at the top of my voice. I did that sometimes....
But what actually reversed the situation was my story telling technique. I used to narrate stories to pillows and toys ( believe me its true!).And she used to join me and listen the story with full attention. That helped in controlling her tantrums and mood swings. During that moment, I would make her eat something or indulge her in some game so that I could take some break from continuous howling of hers.

I also realized that behaving like a mother would not help me every time. I used to behave like a kid and made faces and did everything a kid would love to do.
For every gesture and nice behavior of hers I clapped and appreciated.This would make her feel happy.
Now both of us are back to our routine and she is enjoying life as usual. I just have a look at the past and realize what I have learnt and what I can do to handle such situations in a better way.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Positive impact of story telling on kids

Recently,I discovered a latent talent of mine.I have this amazing talent of making up stories to my kids related to my life. This art of mine helps me to achieve my motive of distracting the attention of my child to the desired object or action.

For the past few days, my 3 year old daughter has become cranky and fussy. She would cry without any reason and at times refuse to go to school. She would demand something which is not available or cannot be prepared at once.

Her reluctance to go to school surprised me because she used to be so excited and prepared to go to school even on weekends. Now this sudden change was not easy to get rid of. So today when she showed her tantrums, I decided to handle it differently.

I told her a story when I used to be small and avoided school. I told her that my teachers and friends cried and missed me and they called me to come otherwise they would not have their lunch. The story was spontaneous and I kept on adding things to divert her mind. In the last, I told her that my Mother helped me in dressing up well and sent me to school.Then I asked her whether she wants to be dressed properly or shabbily while going to school. She said that she wants to look beautiful. So we went to her almirah to find a beautiful dress which she would wear to school!!

The whole purpose of making the story was to divert her attention and convert her moody attitude into happiness.
Story telling is a great tool through which children can acquire new habits or learn human values. It is an easy way to motivate children and to handle their mood swings. Either develop a story of your own or read out from a story book. Both have positive impact on the kids.

So try this tool taday and let me know how this art helped you in dealing with kids.