Monday, November 28, 2011

Skin protection of kids in winter

Okay, here we have some quick reminders that would help to protect the skin of the kids in winter.

Avoid hot water baths and prevent kids from bathing for long time. It would help the skin to stay happy as hot water bath for long time makes the skin dry and itchy.

As soon as the kids come out of the bathroom and their skin is still damp, apply a good moisturizer. It will help to keep the skin soft and avoid dryness.

Apply lip balm regularly to avoid chapped lips of kids. Ask the kids not to lick their lips, as it will make the skin drier.

Generally, kids pick and rub their nostrils because the skin inside is dry. Moisturize the skin inside the nose in order to avoid blood nose. I apply Vaseline petroleum jelly in the nostrils and then squeeze the nose gently so that the jelly spreads evenly.

Wearing socks can help the kids to stay warm. It also helps their skin to remain soft and does not get dry due to cold temperature.

Head massage on the weekend increases the blood circulation and make the hair of the kids soft and silky. The dry and cold weather badly affect the kids. Therefore, oil massage of the head and body is a good way to protect the kids.
take adequate precautions and follow home remedies to protect kids from eczema.

These are some simple tips to protect the skin of the kids in winter.

Have happy winter season!

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