Monday, February 11, 2013

When mother is sick…

When mother is sick then kids may also feel low and less motivated to indulge in any activity. Though it is difficult at times to participate actively, there are certain things that a mother in poor health can do to keep the kids happily occupied throughout the day. 

                                    Keep the colors ready. Give your kids some coloring sheets, drawing sheets and colors and let them draw anything they like. Drawing and coloring is an activity that mostly kids enjoy. Do not forget to give them stars and smiles on their artwork.

Play board game or printable games with kids to keep them entertained. You would also like the change.

Read out a story for them if your vocal chords allow. If the child is old enough then encourage him to read out a story for you from his favorite storybook.

Go through the memory lane with your kids. That means watch your videos and pictures of good times. Show photo memory book of their childhood and even better of your childhood to your kids. It would amuse them. It does not require much effort but gives pleasure to all for a long time.

Watch cartoon film or movie along with kids. This activity is surely going to be the most favorite one. With you on their side, kids would certainly love to watch movie while you would get the much needed rest without any trouble.

Let them enact their favorite cartoon character or imitate you or anybody else. This would give you a good dose of laughter and would make you feel better.

Take a nap with your kids. Sleeping with the kids makes them feel secure and calm. It also helps you to recover fast and get back to your daily routine quickly.

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