Friday, March 22, 2013

Holi-Popular festival among kids

Holi is the most popular festival among kids in India. One can witness the excitement in kids everywhere around days before the festival actually comes. Water guns, water balloons, colors and unlimited fun on the streets portray the actual scenario of holi.

Holi is considered as the festival of gaiety and joy. It is the time to leave behind animosity and embrace new relations. The festival has though changed in its form, yet the essence continues to be the same. Natural colors and traditional pichkaris have transformed into synthetic colors and latest water guns. However, the spirit is same that of fun, feast and festivity.

Here are some tips that can make Holi more memorable for you and your kids without any damage to anybody.

Use natural colors for Holi. These are skin friendly unlike synthetic colors.

Prepare colors at home using dried flowers such as hibiscus and marigold. You may also use tomatoes, turmeric, besan, henna and sandalwood to create healthy and safe colors for the festival.
Mix these colors with bucket full of water and fill your water guns and balloons. Now you are all set to enjoy the Holi.

Apply body lotion on the skin and oil on your head. It would prevent the damaging effects of synthetic colors on the skin.

Wear old clothes while going out for holi celebrations as most likely the clothes would not be in wearable state afterwards. Also, one should wear full sleeved clothes to protect the skin as much as possible.

Besides, involve kids in making rangoli and cleaning the house. They can make cards for the relatives and friends or send ecards to their loved ones.

Sweets are an integral part of Indian festivals. Prepare them at home or order them and let the kids gorge on them as much as they like at least on the day of the Holi.

Share the historical story behind this festival with kids. Encourage kids to watch the updates on television about celebration of Holi in different regions of India. It is surely so much fun and informative as well.

To remove color stains from skin use warm water and ubtan. Mix besan, turmeric and milk/ curd to make ubtan and use it as scrub. It is a safe way to cleanse the skin and remove stains.

Last but not the least; educate kids not to be overpowering on others who wish a peaceful Holi.

Have a memorable and colorful Holi to all of you!

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