Thursday, July 4, 2013

Diet tips for rainy season

During rainy season, kids and adults face many kinds of allergies and stomach problems. With little precaution and care, you can easily avoid health issues and keep your family fit throughout the season. Here are some diet related dos and don’ts that would help you to gear up for rainy season.

Your diet must include:

  • Properly washed fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Herbs like holy basil leaves and mint
  • Healthy ingredients like asafetida, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, onions, turmeric & lemon that counteract gastric problems and boost immunity
  • Fresh soups made from fresh vegetables
  • Herbal teas that cure mild cold and cough problems
  • Milk products and soya products
  • Cereals like wheat, corn, oats and pulses that provide ample of nutrition
  • Fresh homemade food and 8-10 glasses of filtered/ boiled water
      Foods to avoid in rainy season:

  • Precut fruits and foods that contain germs
  • Precut meat
  • Food from roadside stalls and other unhygienic places 

  • Junk foods, aerated cold drinks and other foods that contain preservatives
  • Foods that have not been cleaned properly
  • Spicy, too salty and oily foods that cause stomach problems
  • Unfiltered/ unbottled water and impure fruit juices from roadside eateries
  • Ice creams and cold foods that may cause throat infections
With these diet tips for rainy season you can keep your kids and family healthy and safe.

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