Friday, September 26, 2014

Vital Facts related to Chikungunya

Medical advancement has been able to conquer all types of diseases in today's scenario. There are different types of cures and vaccines available in the medicinal world for almost every fatal disease that human beings are vulnerable too. However, there is a long list of diseases still irk human race, some diseases remain feral, and no cure has been developed for them until now. Chikungunya is one such disease.

What is Chikungunya Virus, after all?
The Chikungunya Virus, also popularly known as Chikungunya fever, is a human viral disease that is not transmitted from one person to another. An infected Culex or Aedes mosquito of different types of species causes it. If anyone in your family is infected with the Chikungunya virus, you will notice symptoms like,
  • Joint Pain
  • Swelling in joints
  • Rashes
  • Pain in the lower back of the body
  • Severe Nausea
  • Chill (feeling cold)
  • Severe Fever
  • Severe Headache
Important Facts related to Chikungunya Virus

  • Chikungunya fever is very similar to Dengue fever. However, being a viral disease, it cannot be transmitted from one person to another, like Dengue fever.
  • Chikungunya fever is relatively non-fatal as compared to Dengue.
  • There are no preventive vaccinations for Chikungunya virus; therefore, one must take prior precautions in order to reduce the risk of being contaminated due to this virus.
  • The outbreak of the Chikungunya fever starts showing its symptoms within three to seven days after the mosquito bite.
  • Patients suffering from Chikungunya are recovered fully, unlike in most of the Dengue cases.
  • Due to same symptoms, there are times when doctors misguide Chikungunya as Dengue fever.
  • There is only one best way to protect yourself against Chikungunya, i.e. protecting yourself from mosquito bites.

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