Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tips to avoid food poisoning to kids while traveling

Food poisoning in baby or kid is the last thing you will keep in judgment while creating a travelling plan with family. It can be as minute as stomach pain to as dangerous as last. The major symptoms of food poisoning are being sick, belly aches, mild fever and weakness.
It is prudent if travel plans include precautions and medical solutions for this problem before heading for a trip. Here are some guidelines which should be adopted to avoid food poisoning to kids while traveling.


Breast milk is the purest milk a baby can have. Breast milk should be favored instead of pasteurized milk. And it is the best option while travelling as it cuts down the prospects of food poisoning to the child. It can cause danger to the kid if his/her mother prefers the milk in plastic bottles. The bottle needs to be fresh after every two hours, which is a huge task while travelling.

Say NO to plastic covered food items
You have to be careful about the food your child is using up. Is it properly cooked or baked? It must not be handled with plastic wrappers and also keep a look at the expiry date of the food stuff. It is suggested to have some house cooked food while travelling as it would cut down the prospects of food intoxication. You can also prefer fruits for your kids, but they must be fresh and well cleaned.

Drinking Water
Keep an eye on which type of water your kid is drinking. It must be well sterilized or mineral water. Besides, on that point are some restaurants which refill the empty bottles, thus you have to get a look at the seal also and don’t forget to see the expiry date on the bottle. Water is one of the main sources from which your kid can get food poisoning.

Say no to roadside foods


Always go for food from reputed food outlets. Avoid buying from roadside vendors as they seldom follow cleanliness rules. Check from locals about reputed restaurants or resort to internet for reliable food outlets at your destination.

Don’t prefer chicken while traveling
Mostly, food poisoning occurs from meat and eggs. It could be dangerous if eggs are not properly boiled or meat is not properly cooked. They carry higher risks of food poisoning with them. It would be better if you avoid these stuffs during travelling. Also, this counts in a heavy diet, which should be avoided during travelling.

Sterilized materials
Make sure the spoons or the plates you are using must be sterilized. Also, there must be no dirt in your kid’s hands as they give a pathway to bacteria to let inside the body and cause stomach issues. Develop a habit of hand washing in kids before eating and after using washrooms.

Must have items in your carry bag

Keep some antibiotics, energy drinks and sanitizer with your luggage and don’t forget to have a thermometer. Also, pack some emergency food which must be easier and can be used during an emergency. If the child is having stomach ache or showing symptoms of food poisoning, ensure the kid drinks loads of water and contact the nearby doctor as soon as possible.

Follow these tips to avoid food poisoning and for safe travel with kids.

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