Thursday, September 10, 2015

Benefits of encouraging kids to be eco friendly

Growing pollution and global warming have deteriorated the environment leading to ad hoc season changes as well as increased natural calamity. No wonder, our kids won't get to see pure air and clean environment when they grow up unless we take some concrete steps to bring positive change.

Besides initiating an eco friendly drive at our level, we can also involve kids to become environment friendly. It will indeed have several benefits when kids turn eco friendly from young age. Check out some amazing benefits of promoting kids to be eco friendly:

Awareness leads to healthier choices

Educating kids about environment and related issues will help kids gain awareness. This would, in turn, help them to think and decide what works best for them as well as their surroundings. Be it protecting greenery, reducing wastage, reusing available resources and several other things, kids will be able to make informed decisions and choose good habits over unhealthy habits willingly.

Kids as torchbearers
Kids learn faster and implement promptly. Once the kids are encouraged and motivated to make environment a better place, they are likely to adopt better habits and set good example for others including adults. Habits as simple as throwing waste in dust bin only can make the difference. In fact, we can see children as enthusiastic volunteers for eco-friendly movement in their locality and bringing about the positive change.

Cleaner and greener surroundings
When kids pledge to save their ecosystem then  no wonder you can see them planting new saplings and leaving behind their old habits of damaging greenery. Sowing seeds, watering plants and cleaning debris from public areas may sound little but have large impact to make surroundings cleaner and greener. Educating kids about eco friendly habits help them to become more empathetic towards environment and respectful to other living beings as well.

Saving essential, irreplaceable resources and opting for alternatives

Motivate kids to use resources such as electricity, water and paper carefully. Walk or bike instead of using vehicles. This would not only lead to diligent use of natural resources but also reduce different kinds of pollution. In fact, opting for alternatives such as solar energy would be a brilliant move.

Encourage kids to craft solar energy based devices and they are likely to come up with out-of-the-box ideas to use solar energy and reduce electricity usage.

Gift of good health

By inspiring kids to become eco friendly, we are gifting them good health for life. Clean, pure and green environment is what our kids deserve and not filthy, polluted and unhygienic surroundings.When they adapt to eco friendly lifestyle, they can enjoy goodness of nature and get rid of several health issues related to heart, lungs, etc.

To leave behind a green environment and beautiful place for coming generations, it is high time to encourage kids to become eco friendly.


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