Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Creative ways to recycle or reuse common household items

If you have children at home, the number of things that they need is equally proportionate to the things that they can no longer use. For parents, the real challenge is how to effectively maintain a balance between these needs as well as keep their budget in check. If you as a parent believe in recycling stuff so that you can use them to cater to newer needs, you should definitely read ahead:

  1. From cracked ball to beautiful paper weight: It’s true – the rubber balls which crack and can no longer be played with, can be used as a paper weight by using pins to hold pressed sequins or beads on the exterior of the ball. You can also paint the surface of the ball to make it more attractive.
  2. From the broken globe into beautiful light holders:
    Many households have a globe which is used by the children. Once broken into two halves, it becomes useless but you can use it as light holders to cover the bulbs. It would add to the décor of your room and give it a ‘world-class’ touch!
  3. From metallic bottle caps and broken crayons to beautiful mini diyas: 
     You would normally throw out the metallic bottle caps after using the opener to remove them. Same goes with the crayons. Collect them instead. All you need to do is clean them, put a thick thread as wick in each of them and pour molten wax by melting the crayons. Your colorful mini diyas/ candles are ready for use during festivals or as home décor.
  4. From old crayons to push up crayons: Yes, the push up crayons can be made at home too instead of buying them from the market where they are relatively more expensive than the normal ones. Melt old or broken crayons and pour them into the plastic cover of finished glue stick. Let it dry and there, your new push up crayon is ready.
  5. From newspaper to odor absorbent: You would have never looked at the newspaper this way but you can try it out for yourself. So, you can either crumple it to keep it inside the shoe for those who have smelly feet or keep a dry stack in the room. It absorbs bad odor.
A little bit of creativity can recycle old household things and also save bucks! 

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