Monday, November 23, 2015

Gardening – A life skills teacher for kids

Yes it is true. While inculcating an interest for gardening might be a challenge for any parent, it does teach the kids a number of lessons for life. If you are still not sure about teaching your kid the art of gardening, the following brief about the lessons that gardening will pass on to your little one, might help:

Patience – Patience is indeed a virtue that is put into practice while planting the seeds, waiting for them to germinate, providing it with the right nutrition and finally seeing your efforts bear fruit. Hence, gardening will help your kid understand that often they need to be patient to get desired results.                                 
Gardening with kids- so many benefits to reap!
Discovering new things – For kids, nature can be like a box of surprises where they discover how does it feel to interact with Mother Nature, how waste from the kitchen can act as a fertilizer for the plants and the worms make growing happen. Or how new plants can grow from the seeds of the fruits of the old plants.

Hope – Along with patience, hope is another life skill learnt through gardening. When you involve your little one in planting a tomato plant, they will hope to have red tomatoes in some time. Parents do need to be vigilant and help the kids to obtain positive results initially so that they can learn to hope for the best with the efforts put in.

Admiration for nature – Gardening teaches the kids to love nature and its elements. Be it the flowers, butterfly or the ladybug or even the worms, each one has its importance in the chain of nature.

Being responsible – Another lesson for the kids who engage in gardening is responsibility. Watering the plants on a timely basis, fertilizing, keeping away pests from the plants, etc., develops ownership amongst the kids.            
making kids responsible and hardworking with gardening

Learning to go green – With lifestyle getting busier across the generations, pollution is also increasing. Therefore, gardening emphasizes the need to enjoy the blessings of nature, go green, become eco-friendly and advocates the growth of plants and vegetables around us.

Growing own food - Growing own veggies in own garden and relishing them too is fun for sure. It’s motivating for kids to grow for self use and learn to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Growth is a result of hard work – Gardening teaches this very important lesson of life – that growth in one’s life is not possible without hard work and effort.

With so many life skills to imbibe, kids must be involved in gardening.  So, get set go…learn while you grow!   

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