Thursday, November 5, 2015

Innovative ways to recycle or reuse kids stuff

With growing kids at home, one common problem that every parent has to face is how to do away with the innumerable things that keep piling up. From old socks to the old badminton, the things which enter the home never seem to leave, doubling and tripling over the years. Well, one easy solution is to donate or give it off to family or friends who can use it. Those who want a creative way out, here is how you can accomplish it:

The old socks: School-going kids need a new pair of socks almost every quarter so the old ones can prove to be useful as a bathroom rug. All you need to do is entwine them or knot them together and stitch through them in concentric circles.

Puppet made from old socks
 Alternatively, use old socks to make puppets and let kids start their own puppet show.           

The bat: Try painting the bat in bright pastel shades which will go with the interiors of your house and it can adorn your walls changing the look of the room completely and also help you preserve your kids’ childhood.

The school shirt: Your growing child’s school shirt gets short for him/her every year. Nevertheless, it can still prove useful for dressing up your pet; protecting it from extremes of temperature or just make it good-looking!

The shoe-boxes: Of course your little princess loves all her pretty new shoes but the boxes do go a waste. A creative way to use them is help your daughter in re-using the boxes to house her dolls – and the boxes will transform into a majestic dollhouse. You may also use these boxes for school projects and models.

The left-over of the pencils: Once the pencil becomes so small that it cannot be used for writing, the only logical thing which comes to mind is throw it away. But you can collect such remains and use them to create your artistic wall-hanging. In fact, you can also involve the kids to pitch in for this handicraft.

The baby food cans: Of course, the baby food tin cans can be used for storing the pulses, cereals and spices. But if you still have some extra ones and do not know what to do with it except for discarding it as junk, hold on. 

Baby food jar recycled as pencil holder
These cans can be transformed into very useful items such as the piggybank and decorative pen holders with some effort. Needless to say, the process is quite simple.

Next time you have some old kids’ stuff, think about innovative ways to recycle or reuse the same. With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can turn junk to funk!! 

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