Tuesday, March 8, 2016

5 Things Your Toddler Expects From You

As parents we have so many expectations from our kids, But ever thought our kids as young as toddler could have some expectations from us! Yes indeed. Let's find out what toddlers want their parents to do frequently and mind you they are serious about it.

Love, love and love

Sounds obvious huh? Still we as parent forget to remind our darling that we love him her so much. Whether its your phone call, business meeting, grocery time, cooking time, laundry or anything else, it takes few seconds to look into his eyes and say," I love you, dear".

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Lots of hugs and kisses

 A hug and gentle kiss can calm down a crying child. No matter how small may be the cause of her crying or no matter whatever mistake he committed with his little hands, at the end, its your hug and kiss that he expects from you. This is the only way to make him learn from his mistakes.Mind it, he does not understand your anger, stress or fears. He understands your soft touch and gentle voice.

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Your toddler has learned to stack blocks and he looks up to you for your attention and appreciation. Your one compliment, "well done my child" fills him with happiness and encouragement. Your appreciation will make him cross several milestones and even after years he will remember your words of encouragement.

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Your time

Often we parents meet out the essential duties like changing nappies, feeding the kid, dropping at the play school, etc, etc but are not able to find time to spend quality time.Do spend some fun time with kids, simply join them in whatever they do, run around, make noises or jump. This time won't come back again, you know.

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Laugh out louder

Smile more and laugh louder when you are with your toddler. Show her your positive and bright side so that she imbibes the same in her. This is the easiest way to make kids happy and confident.

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